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The MUTRAH style, is full electronic system. the entire process of selling irline tickets, tours and credit cards. Therefore, in none of the purchasing procedures, it is not necessary to visit the premises in person. It is only possible to enter the TAKBELIT with your computer, tablet, mobile phone, and provide the services you need.
The ultimate goal of TAKBELIT is to provide fast, easy, secure service and reach the highest levels of customer service..

our infinity goal is based on providing fast, easy and reliable facilities and support to our valuable customers, and in this end, we do our best to always provide the best possible service for cheap airplane ticket purchases for our users. our agents are ready to receive your feedback to improve the quality of our services and hopes to give you a memorable moments of satisfaction with the first step of a journey..

Refund fee

Due to the rules for the charter tickets, the ticket can only be through the charterer.
So if you want to cancel your charter ticket:
1. Be sure to contact us.
2. After we coordinate with the charter, we will notify you of the percentage of the fine.
3. Given that this percentage of fines varies according to the terms and conditions of each charterer, your consular claim may not be accepted.
4. Given the percentage of the fine, if you intend to purchase a consignment, we will do your affairs for the consellation through the charterer and then we will refund the remaining amount to you..

5. The remaining consignment amount will be deposited to your bank card within 72 hours by means of an intermediary bank transfer to the bank account.
6. Also, if you have a wallet and an account at the TakBelit site, you can apply for the remainder of the consignment to be added to your account and then use it in your future purchases..

24-hour support

Mutrah group is responsive online and 24 hours in order to respond effectively to travelers questions about receiving tourism and financial services, as well as registering, tracking and supporting flight reservation requests, site members problems and receiving feedback and feedback from the audience. And strives to provide a safe and intimate companion to their dreamy moments during the journey with professional and responsible support.

Security and confidence

In recent years, the misuse of ticket buyers and tourist services has led the e-commerce development center to donate an E-TRUST sign.
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of IR , After reviewing the online stores and adapting its operation to the rules, grants this sign, and the Internet business has an icon, is constantly under the auspices of the organization. Mutrah is proud to provide its customers with security and convenience in addition to high quality service

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